We produce Concrete panels

Concrete panels

The usage of panels from composite materials in the facades of buildings is a relatively young industry in Russia.And the prospects for development in this area are very attractive to architects and designers who want to create a unique style and impress the novelty of the whole project in whole. The specialists of our company in cooperation with foreign colleagues have developed a number of original types of concrete panels with an unusual texture, which have a wide range of applications - finishing, cladding facades and interiors of buildings, fences and framing.

Original See

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With a stone texture See

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We use composite material GRC

The best material for the production of concrete panels is GRC consisting of a mixture with the glassfibre concrete solution which bears reinforcing function. The layer of deposition, determines the character of the billing panel does not exceed 5-14 mm thickness, which makes the product easy to install at any altitude in all shapes facades. Since the material has improved performances in comparison with other types of concrete, its use today "in panel" architecture is indispensable.

Texture of wood See

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The cost See

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The concrete panels with any invoices

Today, we are capable to create any composition or imitation of natural material. For example, the imitation of wood on the basis of the concrete panels serves vastly longer and it is hard to distinguish it from the original without touching. And the use of bamboo in the decoration of the facade textures give flavor of the African jungle that looks very original. You get inimitable style of your building for a relatively small fee. The application of concrete panels in the facades is the choice today!

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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