We produce Сoncrete steps

Manufacture and installation of concrete steps

ArchIdea Construction Company successfully practices the production of concrete steps on an individual project of composite materials. Mostly this polymer concrete mixed with high quality white (not below 700 M) and gray (not less than 500 M) cement. Using some generic and specially developed additives, allows you to create concrete steps different textures and shapes.

The polymer

Using polymer as a material for architectural decoration products and in particular concrete steps, gives a number of advantages. The first advantage is an impact resistance. The second is a vandal-proof. The third advantage is a  weather ability.

Adding all kinds of fillers in the production stage allows you to create a realistic simulation of natural materials such as granite and marble. Stage of high quality white or gray cements have lower final cost. The best option when you need to fit into a certain budget.

Quality and price

Concrete steps from Archidea company  is the highest quality and more than competitive prices. This is your order placed without the involvement of intermediary organizations, directly with manufacturer.

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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