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Facade decoration

Facades refinishing for cottages, private dwellings and other architectural constructions is the most demanded part of our business. Today, to give originality, individuality to the architectural solutions, probably, use of new composite materials – such as fiber concrete, polymer concrete, GRC – are the materials which allow to give look for the whole construction, like general harmony and unique style, so and combined with quality and longevity.

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Flexible price policy

The "ArchIdea" company has possibility performing closed cycle of works in the sphere of the facade décor - from the design solution and designing, up to manufacturing and installation. The varied selection of facade elements, use of original refinishing methods, modern composite materials makes the cooperation with us quiet favorable. It also is explained by flexible pricing on products that allow us not to become attached to the prices of known manufacturers of facade decor, and to form product cost, being guided not by a rating, but exclusively on the cost price, plus not a high percent of profit margin. Architectural facades of the most known elements of decor, such as columns, graceful cornices, pilasters, brackets, verge boards, dummy joints and etc. – will help to embody creative plans in architectural masterpieces.

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Facade decor can be on individual design project, and also by typical or by serial solutions

The Company is focused on customers with various possibilities and tastes. Therefore we can offer the most different options of external décor. For budget Clients, manufacturing under serial forms will be the optimum price and design decision, the combined option when the combination of original elements of a facade with cost effective serial products is necessary however is possible. Another decision is execution of architectural facades on individual design.

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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