Use materials Fiber for concrete

Fiber for concrete

Products of fiber-reinforced concrete are increasingly popular on the market of architectural decor. Because of their widespread use, the material fiber concrete is constantly improving, new additives and plasticizers are developed, which promote  the increase of cold resistance and plasticity.  Fiber is used to increase the strength and durability properties of concrete. Properties are increased in 15-20 times.

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There are several types of fibers for concrete such as steel, polypropylene, basalt glass-roving. Metal fiber is chopped steel wool or steel wire. The polypropylene fiber has the form of filaments divided from 5 to 20 mm. Products made with such fibers are resistant to change temperatures, water penetration and are more resistant to environmental hazards.

Fibers for concrete have a number of advantages. Firstly, it tends to be uniformly distributed in the concrete mix that provides the strength of the finished product. Also fiber prevents the formation of cracks. Products using fiber has great impact resistance according to the research results a shock resistance is increased in 5 times. Also it is important that the fire resistance of concrete containing fiber, is significantly above than conventional products that do not contain fiber.

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