Use materials Fibrous concrete

Fibrous concrete

Approximately from the middle of 19 centuries, since time when a first Concrete began to be used, also have been used the first additives for it, which firstly, was used for increase in durability of concrete, and secondly for exterior improvement. There by fiber concrete been invented.

It’s no secret that all load-carrying concrete structures are reinforced by metal for durability increase. The same principle is taken for fiber concrete manufacturing. As reinforcing materials the so-called fiber - a special small metal or steel chip, as well as glassfiber, a polypropylene fiber or other materials are used here. The fiber is added in concrete at a stage of its formation and gives it such the new properties as: resistibility to a crack formation, durability on compression, a tensioning and bending, watertightness, frost resistance.

For products of an architectural décor the fiber concrete is the especially actual. The façade architecture receives all impact of an external aggressive environment, and so here the increased durability qualities of fiber concrete can be very useful, and essentially light weight considerably simplifies installation of products at a height.

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