We produce The sets of balusters

The sets of balusters

Balustrade (Italian - balaustrata- guard) is a called small height decorative fences, consisting of balusters and handrails, bollards baffled with lids or tops. In fact, the balustrade is a universal element for all kinds of decoration: the facade as well as interior and landscape design. In the interior it can be used as fencing interfloor of ladders or platforms of upper floors. On the facades is mainly fencing outdoor terraces, balconies and loggias. In landscape design device arbors, rotunda, bridges and fencing as all possible sites.

Balustrade today is a product of the art of Michelangelo Buonarroti. In ancient times, it looked a little bit easier and was the construction of direct pillars of balusters on a rectangular base with small capitals and handrail simple form.

Balustrades sets differ mainly in the form of balusters, handrails and bollards. Each era has left its mark on this special architectural element, so today we see such an incredible diversity of balusters and cabinets. Balustrades can be divided in styles, to classic, gothic, modern style, empire style, and so on. It is important to create a particular facade, interior or landscape to choose the optimal in terms of harmony with the other elements of decor, balustrades form because it is usually in terms of the emotional one of the most attractive elements of the decor and attracts the eye first.

The company "Archidea" not only manufacture and mount for you any balustrades of concrete or plaster, but also select the appropriate version of the design specifically for your interior.

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