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About "ArchIdea" Construction Company

The construction company "ArchIdea" on which website you always are the welcomed guest, is founded in 2008 by the two enthusiasts enamored of their business - Mendesidis Sergey Georgievich and Timofeev Igor Borisovich.

Timofeev Igor Borisovich Mendesidis Sergey Georgievich

Not a secret that to become the real professional, is possible only when you yourself have studied the entire industrial-production processes thoroughly in the smallest details. They had to begin from the very beginning: by hands to make models and forms for the future products, spray on to the ready forms, mount the ready décor product on facades and in interiors. Passing the hard way «from the machine work», on their own experience have convinced that there can be no trifles in this business, these partners created the company of which we can be proud today by right.

At present the "ArchIdea" company is the industrial premises of 3500 sq.m. on which areas there is installed equipment and functioning, allowing integrated products creation of any complexity of architectural décor. And specialists of our installation teams are capable to mount the ready articles at any heights, applying all known ways and technologies of installation.

Constantly improving output quality, we create new original textures, we introduce the newest technologies and we expand capacities. For example, having initially created woodworking area for processing plywood and wooden moulds, by the Company management, the decision to develop and modernize the working area subsequently was made. Now the Company is capable to make any product of wood, plywood including the decorated furniture of any complexity. Valuing the reputation, we profess the following principle; for every single case to achieve the best result by means of optimum decisions.

Placing in the "ArchIdea" company an exclusive order of a highest complexity, or getting simply a batch production, you can be assured of the professional, thorough approach to manufacture of any architectural décor products.

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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