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The furnishing of the facade of the cottage in the city Noginsk

One can clearly see on the example of the cottage shown on the photos how the decoration of the facade of the ordinary building can turn it to a presentable manor.

Decor elements a little facade is not overloaded and at the same time profitable "illuminated" by the construction of the main contours giving weight and significance.

Four levels of eaves are ground , and two interfloor  and roofing (photo 5) accentuate the number or storeys and its height and lateral rustication (photo 1, 7) strictly delineates its outline, which generally creates a feeling of completeness and integrity of some monumental. The general harmony is complemented with window frames, made in the tone of the ledges.

The decorated framing of the extended window of the staircase surmounted by a small oval window (photo 3) has a an original view.  The top curved cornice crowns a mini composition giving it some final sense.

The right side of the façade is practically blind wall decorated with long vertical bas-relief crossing interstorey cornice that is not common and probably therefore particularly attractive solution.

Another two crown-shaped bas (photo 2, 6) is on the one hand crown input group on the other hand crown the composition of the rear façade.

All work on the production and installation of decorative facade of a family made ​​by specialists of "Archidea" (material GRC) in certain time and with the right quality.

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