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Installation of GRC products

One of notable advantages of "ArchIdea" company is integrated solutions for the problems connected with architectural décor. We not only make all necessary component parts of a décor, but also with help of our own highly skilled specialist mount them on a facade or in project interior.

There is variety of installation techniques of architectural décor products. However many years experience has shown thatthe two methods are preferred, those are discussed below.

The first and most frequently used method has the following feature.

In the manufacturing process of the products in accordance with the project in a certain places special mounting parts are made of thickening. The average GRC thickness of the wall parts does not exceed 15 mm. At the mounting places thickening of product can reach 30 mm - thick enough for the reliability and longevity of the product. The described method is based on fixing of the parts by the anchor bolts in places of thickened wall of the product. On the part of the workpiece adjoining to the wall, special adhesive compound is applied on, and then the item is tied up by anchor bolts.

It is one of the most simple and inexpensive method of installation is providing a necessary structural strength. The described manner of installation is applied both on facades with insulation, and without it.

The second method of installation differs that the perforated embedded metal item is inserted into the body of concrete, through which the anchor bolt screws onto a wall. This method is used mainly in those constructions that require special mounting strength. For example, a particularly large, massive parts with the large weight, etc. Also described is a universal way for the installation of ventilated facades decoration with the installed subsystems.

Practice with a variety of facades has demonstrated the greatest efficiency and flexibility of the two installation methods, which are mentioned above.

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