Polypropylene fiber

Polypropylene fiber is widely used in industrial and residential construction. It is used for the production of architectural concrete products, building foundations, concrete, paving stones, blind area, piles  as well as floor screed. With its help you can easily create a waterproof plaster.

Products of polypropylene fibers are durable and resistant to cracking and chipping. Also they do not crack or delaminate from shrinkage. Application of polypropylene fibers increase the water resistance of concrete and helps to make it more resistant to freezing and thawing. Because of these properties such concrete is widely used where waterproofing is necessary, for example, in the construction of swimming pools.

Polypropylene fiber

Polypropylene fiber is always evenly distributed in a concrete solution and creates the effect of the micro reinforcing. The popularity of such fibers is also due to the fact that it is easy to use it. It can be diluted in water or add to dry concrete mix. It is important to note that it does not adversely affect the equipment such as mixers, mortar and guns for the pneumatic spraying. This makes it an ideal material of polypropylene fibers for the production of architectural concrete products.

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