The production of "ArchIdea" Construction Company

Capacities of the «ArchIdea» Construction Company allow fabricating décor products out of composite materials with the best quality and in the deadlines.

The purpose of our company - output from the lightweight concrete, affordable to clients of various possibilities and tastes. Therefore the prices for our products are formed exclusively from the cost price plus the minimum possible margin of profit.

We continuously work on improvement of our products quality and that allows us to stay as one of the best of architectural decor companies.

Our equipment
The equipment for air spreading of glass-fiber concrete is English machinery; it includes water and chemical additives batcher in the set, a high-speed mixer where the concrete mass is being mixed to a condition of homogeneous emulsion, and also feeding facility for feeding the ready mix to the spraying gun.
The standby exit equipment for air spreading is of the Russian manufacture.
The air gun is of English manufacture is intended for spraying of GRC products (we got 12 air guns of English manufacture).
The grinding-polishing machine is used for grinding up and polishing of marble, a granite and plane concrete products.
Dimensioning machine
Wood processing combined machine. That is for sawing, milling, boring, gauging and planning.
The edging machine
The sanding-belt machine for plane sanding of straight wood or plywood.

Our production consists of the specialized-areas intended for performing the whole range of manufacturing works on architectural decor.

Modeling area

Modeling area, where our professionals work and may fabricate a model of any complexity, is intended for manufacturing of model, a prototype of the future product. Depending on complexity of the sizes and purpose, the model can be made of plasticine, clay or gypsum. Especially large models and models of right geometrical forms can be made of wood or the special laminated plywood.

 Forming area

The following area is the forming area where on the basis of model the special forms for the casting or a spraying of concrete articles are fabricated. The material for form manufacturing is selected depending on the purpose and the sizes of the final product. It can be special elastic polymer, rigid polymeric tar, gypsum, wood or the laminated plywood.

Woodworking area

Woodworking area has been created for manufacturing of difficult wooden and plywood models and forms. Later this area was modernized and equipped with the additional equipment. For the given moment we are capable to manufacture exclusive furniture, and products from all grades of lumber and plywood. 

Spraying area

At the spraying area products are manufactured from the previously made models and forms by air spraying and premix. By persistent work and constant quality control we have reached manufactures of products practically without the need of finishing putty.

See the video on Glassfiber concrete air spraying method

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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