We produce Balusters production

The production of balusters

High-class professionals working in the company "Arhidea" make unique balusters of various materials such  fiber concrete or GRC for you. You can pick up a catalog of interesting options. Also you have the opportunity to order the production of the balusters on the individual project. We develop a design balusters, produce them as soon as possible, and installers will perform a professional installation of high quality and with pleasure.

The production of balusters

Manufacture of balusters  of concrete is performed by the method of vibro - molding. Balusters made ​​of concrete is integrally molded articles, which are reinforced with a metal rod. Surface of finished balusters id clobbered and covered with a special paint, which increases their service life.

The production of balusters

Also we can produce wood balusters. Our experts thoroughly mastered the knowledge and technologies in the industry. Even if you make balusters ​​of wood alone or with another company, they will not be as gorgeous and perfect as balusters of our production.

Decorate your home with quality and unique balusters from the company's products!

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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