Equipment Mortar Pump Stations Our production FB 13.01

Mortar pump station for fiber compounds FB 13.01

Station FB 13.01 manufactured by firm «Avangard Spectehika» is designed for spraying GRC ( GRC ) products using the method of pneumatic spaying and this is the first Russian development of this type of equipment. The station is convenient, maneuverable, has a swivel hinge post with sizes ranging from 3 m to 8 m; standard size of rod is 4.1 meters. The composition of the station includes an eccentrically - screw pump with gyratory pair with adjustable stator, as well as the feed auger part that drives the three-phase motor through the worm gear.

Mortar pump station for fiber compounds  FB 13.01

Soft start station is equipped by the inverter with a remote control. The station is equipped with a reverse function for easy start flushing feed units of mortar. Station is maneuvered through pneumatic wheels to the rear wheels and swivel hinge in front of the station. Convenient location of the hopper to load mixture, allows downloading both manual and mechanical means. Mortar Pump Station has a sealed, snap-on, part of the liner that eliminates the ingress into the interior space station cement sand mixture and water, ensuring the entire operational life of purity and efficiency of all components and assemblies.

Mortar pump station FB 13.01

For fast and efficient service station FB.13.01 all mechanical components  are quickly replaceable, allowing a minimum short time interval to repair, replacement or maintenance of any mechanical unit, minimizing simple production cycle. Elements of electrical and pneumatic controls are protected from moisture and dust. The remote control unit allows sprayed unaided make starting or stopping station.

Mortar pump station FB 13.01 control panel

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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