Mortar pump station PS38B Combination

Mortar pump station PS38B Combination is convenient and easy in usage mortar pump station for the production of GRC by the method of pneumatic spraying.

A package of such mortar pump station includes concentric gun but it can work with Spray Premix MK5A. All the movable elements of mortar are reserved. Firstly, it ensures reliability and prevents contact with a mixture of mobile elements. Thus, to ensure the integrity of the fiber thread. 

Mortar pump station PS38B Combination

Also, mortar pump station  PS38B Combination has speed control system, the pump with a unique « low – impulsive» technology and high performance inner hose. The complete set of mortar pump station includes special sponge. One can be easily cleaned with the help of mortar pump station.

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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