Mortar Pump Station PS9000А

Mortar Pump Station PS9000А is used for the production of glass-fiber by the method connected with the process of the stowage of concrete. An important element in the design of such a station is a gerotor pump. Station is equipped with three-phase electric drive, the speed of which can be changed using the variator. This makes it possible to smoothly adjust the feed rate of the mixture.

The hopper capacity is 75 liters. It is about 150 kg of the mixture. Tank is equipped with a special removable sieve. This considerably improves the quality of the mixture in blocking lumps from entering the pump. Load the mixture can be carried out both manually and mechanically. The productivity of mortar pump station is 25 l/min.

Mortar Pump Station PS9000А

Mortar Pump Station PS9000А is very effective in operation. It has not only convenient panel electricity and pneumatic control, but also articulated boom for hanging of spray gun. Boom significantly reduces operating weight gun that makes them easier to work with. 

The construction of Mortar Pump Station PS9000А allows todeliver and distribute compressed air for pneumatic additional devices such as spray gun and plastering vibrating blade. The control panel and all the essential components are protected with a waterproof casing. Mortar Pump Station PS9000А is the most convenient and reliable for the production of GRC.

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