Mortar Pump Station of the equipment set «SC-45»

Mortar Pump Station «SC-45» is indispensable in the manufacture of GRC.

It is used for feeding the solution into a spray bottle. This Mortar Pump Station has a roomy bin for loading of concrete mixture. The hopper capacity is 130 kg of mixture. Mandatory component of the bunker is vibrating screen SPV- 19. The concrete mixture is laid through it. Vibrating screen is necessary for preventing a hit of lumps and stones into force installation which can be in the concrete mixture. It protects equipment from damage and prevents blocking spray gun. Vibrating screen has a high frequency vibration that provides qualitative sift concrete. But the quality of the mixture depends on quality of finished products.

 Mortar Pump Station of the equipment set "SC-45"

One of the advantages of  Mortar Pump Station «SC -45» is the ability to control the pump. Thus, you can adjust the flame spot on your form. If the form is large and easy terrain the productivity of Mortar Pump Station must be increased. And if the form has little or complex pattern, productivity increases accordingly. This pump can develop a capacity of approximately 2 MPa.

Since 2009 the set Mortar Pump Station «SC -45» includes special block RSV -3. This unit allows you to control vibrating screen and the entire production process as a whole GRC. By means of RSV -3 process control and monitoring can be performed by a single operator from a central console. This greatly simplifies the process and reduces  human impact on the production process.

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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