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Produce rubber forms

First of all it is necessary to create highly accurate and strong form for subsequent casting products to manufacture the production of high quality products of small architectural forms. All forms can be divided into two categories such as hard and soft.

Features of rubber forms

Soft (flexible) forms or how often they are called, rubber molds for the production of architectural decoration products are made ​​primarily of synthetic rubbers, silicones formoplast and dimensionally stable ( compounds ). They, in turn, have their own gradation in rigidity. The softer rubber mold, the more accurate will be in casting the smallest details on the product. What makes it tougher, the more products can be cast from the same mold. The maximum number of copies casted in one form while maintaining high quality products depends on  proper collection of the compound. On average one may cast from 30 to 500 parts into the rubber form that is made of silicone or rubber( depending on the manufacturer of the compound, the size of the product and the material).


The rubber forms are used to produce products as small size with refined ornaments and for the production of large-sized products . Examples of such products can serve as a small antique vase , ornately made ​​bracket , capstone or 3x4 meter panel. Soft forms are often used where you want to play a special custom surface or texture of the product.

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