The decoration of houses by bossage is very popular since the days of ancient Rome. Then rustication had practical value. The bossage protected the first floors of the house from the noise and moisture. Now they are mainly used for decorating facades, doors, windows, corners of buildings, and other items. Such decoration gives visual solidity and strength.

Decorate your home with the help of rustication stones

Decorating the facade of his house, do not forget about the element of decor as rustication. The bossage will help to create a holistic and complete image of your home gives it sophistication. These elements will help you transform the decor the corners of your home, make them more interesting. If you place the bossage in staggered rows then get the effect of a coherent decorative finishing and corners of the house will get a clear outline. The square columns that are available on the facade can be also decorated with bossage.

The bossage of GRC look especially unique. This modern material is durable, it is not affected by moisture and temperature. The bossage of GRC does not increase the weight of the facade, which is very important in modern conditions. Specialists of "Arhidea" will help you to design your home and make it a reality.

We will make all the necessary fittings and install them as soon as possible. Contact us, and your house will be refined and luxurious!

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