Fiberglass, glass roving, glass fibre

Concrete quality is significantly improved if a glassfibre is added to concrete solution. It is made of inorganic glass melt and consists of filaments, which is easily bend under load and do not break. Glass fibre is microarming component when adding it that does not need to change the formulation of the concrete mix.

Glass roving

Fiberglass have a very high tensile strength and high elasticity. These properties provide a warning of shrinkage cracks. Glass fiber is completely corrode in contrast to steel fibers and nets.

Concrete using glass has excellent operating characteristics, including impact resistance and other mechanical damage. Application glassfibre gives finished products durability and water resistance.

Glass fibre

Facades of modern buildings, residential complexes and business centers are made of glassfibre. Precisely because of this they are of good quality, has attractive appearance and durability.

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