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Pricing of GRC products

GRC for today deservedly became the most demanded material out of all used for facades refinishing. After reviewing the material properties, the potential consumer (and that’s understandably) wants to understand the price of the individual elements of this material and the project as a whole.

Main point – the glassfiber concrete price. However, "rough guess" to determine even approximately the price is extremely difficult. Typically, each project is unique and requires a detailed cost calculation, depending on the size of the product, the complexity of the model and the form and a number of related factors.

To date, the current practice of GRC manufacturers allows marking up the products from 100 to 200%, depending on the "appetite" of the company and the client capabilities. These «market» methods of pricing in our opinion become completely obsolete.

The "ArchIdea" company management has completely refused the standard "market" way of pricing when the price of glassfiber concrete products directly depends on its, so to say, prestigiousness and is tied to the prices of well-known companies on the market of architectural décor.

Own production facilities and teams of qualified installers allow not to involve experts from outside as number of other companies does, and an integrated approach, as we all known is the direct way to reduce the cost of the whole project.

Thus, due to non-standard approach to the formation of our specialists prices GRC our client does not pay any ambitions for the company, not for prestige, and sees only pays for the actual cost of the product.

Thus, thanks to the non-standard approach of our experts to price formation on GRC, our client does pay neither for company ambitions, nor for prestigiousness, and sees and pays only product actual cost.

Our products price is formed exclusively from their cost price, plus is minimum possible percent of profit margin. Judge yourself: 1 square meter of a GRC product weighs 22 kg with the thickness of 1cm sprayed and has an estimated cost from 2500 rubles. Further increase in the price depends only on complexity of the architectural solution of the component part. Materials of which component parts are made can affect the product and project price as a whole essentially. By default in manufacture by the Company white cement of the European quality and a Japanese fiber are used.

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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