We produce Balusters

Manufacture of concrete balusters and gypsum

We received word " baluster" from remote ages. Historians still argue about the time and place of its origin, but leave them the dispute. The one thing they agree on is that the first baluster used in furniture (table and chair legs), and then began to be used in architecture. What is "baluster"? This is one of the decorative elements of fencing, or as stated in the architectural vocabulary is short curly column.

Materials for production of balusters

Currently balusters come in various shapes, from the simplest to intricate sculptures, and what form you choose is up to you. Stairs , balustrades, balconies, pergolas, terraces, window openings will look solemn and beautiful, do not hesitate to say, elegant, if they are decorated with balusters made ​​of concrete, glass-fiber, fiber. Why these materials? Because, firstly, the ancient Egyptians and Romans knew nothing stronger than concrete and built - one pyramid ( scholar Pliny the Elder, "Natural History" 1v.n.e.) other Colosseum (75-80 gg.n .e), the Pantheon ( ok.125g.n.e ), etc., and secondly, a relatively inexpensive price compared to marble, for example.

Production and installation

Our company is pleased to offer you a wide range of concrete balusters, which are manufactured on a permanent basis and are available, and can also produce them according to the drawings and sketches of the customer. If you have not yet decided on the shape and size, our experts will help you create a unique architectural decor that will impress your friends and guests, as well as professionally and in a short time will make its installation and assembly. Be creative, go ahead, amaze daring architectural solutions, and we help you with this installation.

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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