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Since when the mankind has learnt to estimate beauty in money’s worth there were also masters who created this beauty. Walk on any park of ancient manor house, and you will be amazed by an abundance of statues, arbours, rotundas, fountains, flowerpots, balustrades and the other decorative elements today named small architectural forms (or the hardscaping elements). Today our culture is a landscape design has its roots in antiquity. Enough to imagine how much beauty can be seen in those days in the courtyard of the Roman patrician. Fortunately, this tradition has been preserved and turned to us with quite a few changes. And today our patricians, trying to live up to its reputation, do not lag behind the ancient As a result we can observe a large number of magnificent estates with remarkable products of landscape architecture.

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Manufacturing hardscaping elements on individual project design

"ArchIdea" company has a comprehensive approach to manufacture of small architectural forms (hardscaping elements). We not only will make and install all the above listed elements, but also we will design general concept of your personal plot of land taking into account your wishes, floristics and terrain, harmonious combination with your house facade style and even taking into account the wind rose. The wide experience and professional, individual approach to each order, and also the flexible price policy allows us to create the small architectural forms of the highest quality and at the prices affordable to everyone.

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Use different materials

Traditionally, the landscape design items made ​​of gypsum. However, with the advent of modern technology and due to the current, so-called "cultural" conditions it has become frankly dangerous. In the production of small architectural forms our company uses plastic concrete as s the basic material which on the one hand has properties such as frost resistance, resistance to aggressive environments, vandal-proof and durability, on the other hand makes it possible to underscore the fine lines that is not unimportant in creating fine statues, vases, etc. The hardscapes often dictate the choice of a different material. For example, for the production, and especially for the installation of the rotunda or pergola with columns, is preferable to use a lighter, but not inferior in strength concrete material is composite GRC. In some cases, the best result is achieved by combining the concrete and GRC.

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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