Equipment Mixers FB.13.03

Mixer FB.13.03

Mixer FB 13.03 has several advantages over its competitors. First of all, it has air - valve with detent. This enables fixing of the telescopic parts at an upper end point. Mixer also has adjustable legs and platform with an electronic dosing water. The drive speed can be adjusted. ФБ.13.03 mixer has two native plant mills mixing. All vital parts of mixer are reserved.

Electric mixer for preparing mixtures of fiber concretes FB.13.03 is first appeared on the Russian market mixer, which provides efficient manufacture of fine sand-cement for the process connected with the stowage of concrete.

Volume of mixing the mixture is about 60 liters. It is about 125 kg of the mixture. The mixture produced by the ratio 1/1 50 of kg sand bag, 50 kg of sack of cement, 18 liters of water.

Mixer FB 13.03 is equipped with electric drive 5.5 kW, which is administered through the inverter. The drive speed adjusts from 0 to 1470 r./min.

Mixer FB.13.03

Mixer equipped with cutters which are particularly arranged on the shaft and have a special design. This makes it possible to cook quality cement-sand mixture for process connected with the stowage of concrete at high speed.

Electronic dispensing system provides highly accurate water draining. Redundant system is equipped with a remote control unit with a control panel that allows you to quickly change the dosing of water in the manufacture of cement- sand mixtures. It is very important for the preparation of high-quality mixture for the process connected with the stowage of concrete.

In mixer FB 13.03 all vital parts are reserved from contact them with prepared mixture and its components: cement, sand, water. This ensures the reliability and availability of the equipment in the production of fiber-reinforced concrete.

FB 13.03 mixer is fitted with adjustable legs for installation supporting frame in a horizontal position . This allows you to make the correct installation of the mixer. The mixer is effective and safe in operation when it is installed correctly.

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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