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Equipments for GRC

The company "Arhidea" offers a modern and high-quality equipments for GRC of its own productions such as Mortar Pump station for fiber concretes mixtures FB 13.01 and a mixer for concrete FB 13.03. 

Mortar Pump station FB 13.01 is very convenient to use. It is equipped with a fairly capacious hopper, which amounts to 80 l (160 kg) mixture. Container loading is very convenient that allows you to boot a mixture both manual and mechanical means. Also, such a station has a fairly large radius rod displacement from 3.5 to 8 meters.

Mortar Pump station FB. 13.01 is notable for its maneuverability. Maneuverability station is provided with pneumatic wheels, which are arranged at the rear, as well as turning the front wheels pivot.

Mortar pump station for fiber compounds  FB 13.01

Concrete mixer FB 13.03 is one of the most functional and comfortable mixers. It quickly and efficiently manufactures the fine-grained sand-cement mixture for pneumatic spraying through the special design of mills, located on the shaft. Volume of the hopper is 60 liters (125kg) mixture. Electric mixer is fitted with a speed of which is controlled by a frequency converter.

It is important to install the mixer, because it depends on the setting of its effectiveness and safety of operation. Proper installation of mixer FB13.03 is simply made with adjustable platform supports.

Mixer is equipped with an electronic water metering. The system has a remote control that allows you to quickly adjust the dosing of water if it is necessary.

Mixer FB13.03

One of the most important advantages of our equipment for GRC is its reliability and durability, because all vital parts of the equipment are protected from contamination from water, sand, cement and ready mix. It is important to note that all the mechanical components for the equipment can be glass-fiber quickly replaced, thus reducing the repair and, consequently, reduces downtime.

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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