We produce Molds for concrete Form of plywood and wood for casting the items

Form of plywood and wood for casting the items

The materials of which can be made rigid forms can be very diverse. All depends on the destination product, which will later be cast into it. Rigid forms for small architectural forms are mostly made of polymer resins plaster and wood. They use them depending on the final destination, the size and the material from which the item is casted.

For instance, it is better to use wood forms or form of laminated plywood for casting large detail of regular geometric shape with more weight and thickness of 30 mm. Good contrast them from various forms of mild is a lot of casted items that only one shape can stand.

However it requires an observance of some conditions to increase the life of wooden forms. First of all, the forms are made of certain kind of wood, secondly it is necessary that used wood is strictly defined humidity and  thirdly, it must be processed by certain compounds that increase the lifetime form. In addition to making these forms requires a high-tech woodworking equipment.

Thus it is not very easy to make high-quality wooden molds.

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