Constant desire for novelty and originality of the products is one of the main features of "Archidea". That is why we strive not only to improve the well-known technologies, but also to be at the forefront of modern construction practices, using the latest advances in its production. One of these achievements id called photoconcrete. This technology, developed by one of the foreign companies is of interest to our clients according to recent experience.

Probably we will never get used to new technologies that affect even the most sophisticated imagination. The rapid development of construction technologies, now allows you to transfer photos onto concrete. Now everyone can perpetuate the photo of a loved one, making it an essential element of the interior to give a gift to close people in the form of panels with any image, including engraving for centuries to capture your favorite story on the selected surface.

Generally  the same materials (that  are used when producing of conventional architecture, and in particular, GRC) used on production of photoconcete. In the interests of our customers, we decided to abandon the principle of "novelty" in the pricing of the product, which is used by some other companies. So our price for the product is not much different from the usual prices for GRC. Real prices with high quality for us is not a subject for discussion is our job!

Here You can purchase the equipment for manufacture of products from GRC production company Avangardspetsmontazh - rastvoronasos station and mixer.

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