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Forms for products casting

Cost of the form for products casting depends on a considerable number of different parameters. One of them is complexity of the model itself. For a simple geometrical model as a material for form manufacturing the multilayered laminated impregnated with special formulations can be used. Its advantages - low cost and rather a considerable quantity of products cast from one form. Disadvantages – limitations on product configuration.

As alternative, a plastic form with application of polyester tars can be used. In comparison with the plywood form it has higher cost and will serve on an order longer.

For manufacture of a difficult architectural model, we offer manufacturing of the rubber form. And here again, the considerable cost-based part is the cost of the rubber. For example, for casting a considerable quantity of products is necessary to use shrinkproofing rubber.

Next part of cost is shaper’s form work – of the expert in forms manufacturing. And it, in turn, depends on size and complexity of the form, on expenses of time for its manufacturing.

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